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Individuals / Families - efficiency of activities in every home.

Business - streamlining specific business activities.

Real estate - real estate developers (buildings with embedded special SMART technologies); the importance of such facilities in the sale, purchase or rental of real estate (homes, offices, etc.).

HoReCa (Hotels, Pensions and Accommodation Units) - who can offer such facilities and thus can improve their services.

Public Institutions - Efficiency of Some Daily Activities.

Medical (Hospitals & Private Clinics) - facilities for patients and medical staff in salons, respectively emergency rooms.

Schools, Universities - facilities, in real time, in classrooms for teachers and students.

Control your





Voice commands

Mobile phone



With SMART Home Technologies

Your house becomes intelligent, efficient, intuitive, easy to manage (configured, used) by each person.

Living Room
TV - Audio - Video
Extension cord
Security System
Interphone / Intercom
Video Cameras
Movement Sensors
Smoke Detectors
Humidity Sensors
Gas Cooker
Coffee Tea Maker
Shopping List
Flood Sensors
Clothes Washing Machine
Lawn Mower
Irrigation System
Garden Sensors

Functionalities for:

Home / Family

- daily life -

Integrate and connect all your home devices to a mobile app!

Control them simply and safely with voice commands, phone/tablet (mobile app) or notebook:

The devices can be configured, developed, and tailored to fit any needs, and can be customized for everything that you want to automate in your home.

- Everything depends on your creativity and your needs! -

Intelligent audio-video systems (can be programmed or controlled in real-time or remote): control your TV or speakers from different places of the house (on/off, volume, change channel/movie/song/show).

- Youtube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Now, Hulu, ESPN, Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn, iStreamRadio, Prime Music, Amazon Music, Apple Music or SiriusXM -

Listen to the same songs/news/radio/audiobook in the same time (multi-room music), in a pleasant environment and high quality (stereo, high fidelity, clear vocals and dynamic bass).

- with the app you can find out about your favorite bands, listen to your favorite album, or it can suggest your favorite playlist when you go to the gym or drive home (the assistant learns your musical tastes) -

Intelligent thermostats - control of house temperature remotely and in real time (switch on/off / set temperature in each room).

Intelligent electrical system - remote control of bulbs, sockets and all household appliances.

Remote control of lights - switch on/off the lights in different rooms of the house.

Wireless touchscreen switches - simple control by: touching the switch; voice commands or mobile app.

Cleaning - remotely (start/stop the vacuum cleaner wherever you are).

Wash the clothes - start/stop the washing machine wherever you are.

Control your home security system (motion, flood, smoke sensors, temperature and window/door opener, video cameras, video intercom).

- Intelligent sensors that help you to know, in real time, what's going on in your home -

Intelligent video surveillance systems - see everything what is happening in your home, remotely, by simply accessing your mobile phone/tablet/notebook.

Intelligent protection systems - code or biometric locks, programmable and controllable in real time, wherever you are, via mobile app.

Intelligent curtains - with remote control, depending on outside weather or other specific sensors).

- SMART Glass: Change opacity of the glass depending on outside weather or specific orders (voice, apps) -

Open / close the garage wherever you are.

Confort - in the morning before you go to the office, you can start the car, with voice commands or mobile app, to warm up inside it.

Start / Stop the irrigation system in the yard or garden, with voice commands or mobile app.

Set / Cancel Wake Up Alarms by Voice Commands.

Call (hands-free) people on mobile phone, Skype or other apps!

- you can send voice messages to the other rooms (multi-room system) -

Discuss different subjects with Siri, Google and Alexa (family, kids, news, jokes, games, business, international news, science, weather, programming, locations, restaurants, audiobooks, traffic reports, shopping, etc.).

Search on the internet for everything you want, from anywhere - with voice or tactile commands.

- focused on the speed and relevance of the information sought, on the security of personal data or associated devices -

Make reservations at different locations and restaurants via voice commands or mobile apps (from home, office or anywhere else).

Order taxi, wherever you are!

Extend the access to these technologies anywhere inside and outside of your home.

- connect, manage (access directly) and see the status of the associated devices through voice commands from anywhere you are (car, office, home) -

Extend your Internet access in many places of the home/office (Wi-Fi, 4G, 5G): high-speed internet with efficient, secured and network-friendly management.

Energy efficiency - with such devices you can save energy from any home.

Intelligent intercom / bell with facial recognition (audio-video function).

- see who's at the door when your bell rings; you can order voice/tactile commands to open the door or not (or you can chat in real time with guests from wherever you are) -

The devices used in the home or business can be adapted to the way you live every day.

- specific, modern, elegant, natural, beautiful, familiar, human, technological progress, for future and quality -

Manage your home devices through a single screen.

- the display is large, so you can see it from different places/angles in the house, but at the same time it's small, so it can be embedded in every living space; and the image can automatically adapt to the brightness of each room and so you can play pictures, videos directly on the display -

Direct access to devices, applications, services that you can manage: Search, Youtube, Netflix, Maps, Calendar, Contacts, Messages, E-mails, Photos, Movies, Friends, Trips, Reservations, etc..

Learn new languages through voice commands and integrated audio applications.

The home assistant can be used in over 20 languages and can be set bilingually (using up to 2 languages at the same time).

The assistant can be used for children's education (lessons for school, foreign languages, grammar, spell words, animals, geography, mathematics, etc.).

The devices filters the background noises, understands and recognizes the voices of different people, teaches you the emphasis and offers solutions in different languages of the world.

- the voice recognition feature, gives the assistant the ability to respond personally (different), according to each interlocutor -

Communicate with people from all over the world in over 100 languages (Google Translate) or you can instantly translate the menu of a restaurant with a camcorder.

Find answers and solutions to everything you care about or need in your home, office, city or wherever you are.

Create: (i) shopping lists - you can order online; (ii) activity lists: "To-do lists" - learn the device to do different tasks.

The application learns (even offline - machine learning) how to become more user-friendly (personalized), becoming more intelligent - you can teach it about family members, explain unusual words, and, in future, they can be recognized.

- the application makes all your devices, accessories, equipment work better, smarter and integrated for you -

The devices are based on fine artificial intelligence (AI), and all you have to do is to ask questions or give voice commands (even if it's noisy or the music is playing).

- the device can hear you from everywhere in the house and it is always ready to help you -

Connect different devices via bluetooth technology.

Track your daily sports activity (tracking fitness) - lifestyle!

Multitasking via your voice!

You can trigger an accessory/scene depending on: (i) the time of day (set your temperature/heating to start, on the weekdays, in the morning at 6:00, and on the weekend at different time); (ii) sensors (use a motion sensor on the kitchen door to turn on the light when you get in); (iii) and many more (trigger a home-based scene, turn the lights on as soon as you get home or automatically turning off the lights when you leave if no one else is there).

Sets alarms, timers and reminders; receives directions; preview the calendar, all without having to lift or touch any device!

- based on the routine, the Assistant can predict what things you need during the day -

Predefined/Preset actions

”Good morning! - The assistant can automatically and personally respond you with certain preset actions, depending on your daily routine / season / year / location (time, outside weather, the best way to get to work by car / bicycle / walk or with other public transportation; the best route; reminds you the calendar schedule of the day or other planned activities; play TV; play your favorite show; turn on/off the lights; raise the temperature (warmer) in the house; lift the blinds; adjust temperature; prepare coffee or breakfast; start engine of the car; activate the overnight alarm, respectively reactivation when you leave the house; or other specific functions).”Leaving home!” - The application knows if has to turn off the lights, block the doors and lower the temperature in the house.”To home!” - The application will respond with: Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA), identify the fastest home route, start a playlist, and perform a series of tasks to streamline your daily activities.”I am home!” (while you are driving home) - Prepare your coming home with a single voice command that sets a series of activities: open the garage door, unlock the main door lock, turn on the heat and turn on the lights in the house."Movie Night" - The assistant activates the TV and creates the environment to watch the movie in comfort (reduces brightness).”Good night!” - The assistant can automatically and personally respond to you with certain preset actions, depending on your daily routine / season / year / location (time; weather; reminds your schedules for the next day or other planned activities; turn off TV or other appliances - lights; closing / leaving blinds; temperature adjustment; door locking; activate security alarm or other specific functions).

Voice commands:

”Start the coffee maker!””Add coffee on my shooping list!””What do I have to do today?””What’s my first meeting today?””How long will it take to get to downtown Chicago from home?””What restaurants are there?””Book a table at X restaurant!””Remind me to buy birthday candles!””Where is the first appointment?””How do I get there?” “Did I close the garage door?”“Show driveway camera” ”What should I make for dinner?””Show me the living room!””What to cook?””How to cook?” ”Turn off my bedroom lights””Turn on the light in living room!”"Start heating the upstairs!””Make it warmer here!””Lock the door!””Dim the lights!”

Others voice commands:

Tasks and to-do’s

"Set a 15-minute timer for cookies!"”Set another timer for 10 minutes!”"How much time is left on the rice timer?""Pause the rice timer!""Remind me to drink water every morning"”Remind me in 3 seconds that I am awesome!”"Add eggs and bread to my shopping list!""What’s on my shopping list?""Remember my Wi-Fi password is 987654""Set an alarm for 7 AM!" ”Set an alarm every day at 7 AM!”"Wake me up tomorrow at 6 AM""Change my 6 AM alarm to 6:30 AM""Remind me to do laundry when I get home!"

Local Information

- the application provides you informations, sugestions and recommandations based on your routine -"What’s the weather right now outside?""Do I need an umbrella today?""How’s the weather tomorrow?"”What is the chance of rain?”"How’s the traffic to work?""What's the fastest way to get to the airport from here?""Find the closest ATM!""What time does the post office close?""Call the nearest pharmacy""Will it rain tomorrow?""Find movies playing nearby""Travel Plans""Where’s a great place to eat mexican food?""What time does the X Store close?""Where’s the closest gas station?"

Music, Movies and News

“Play me something I’d like!”"Play workout music!""Play Today''s Top Hits on Spotify!"“What song is this?”“Play me some electronic songs!”“Play the latest Beach House!”"Tell me the latest (sport, economic) news!""Play NPR news summary!""Listen to ESPN SportsCenter!""What baseball games are on?""Who’s leading in the Bundesliga right now?""Play rain sounds!""Listen to Hidden Brain!""Set volume to 3!"”Show me the best cartoons for kids!””What football games are on?””Open Netflix””Play the latest episode of House of cards!””What’s the song that goes: I travel the world and the seven seas!””Play the new album by ””Play something chill!”

Complex activities

“Show my photos from Thailand from last summer!”“Find me a table for four tonight at 8!”“Find/Where is my phone!”"Play a sound on my iPhone!""Where's my Watch?"“Open the presentation I was working on yesterday!”“Search Pinterest for photos of technology!”“Apple/Google Pay Mircea $50!”"Remember where I parked!"”Turn on the kitchen lights!”


"Call Dad""Call my voicemail""Send a text""Read my unread texts"”Read my last message!”"Email Mom""Read my new emails""Text Sam ‘On my way’"“Message Mircea ‘I’ll be there in 30 minutes’ on WhatsApp”“FaceTime Bill”"Call Grandma on speaker"”Remind the children to go to bed”

Quick answers

"What’s 20% of 47?""How many Celsius are 100 Fahrenheit?"“What’s the derivative of cosine(x)?”"How high is Mount Everest?""What movie won Best Picture last year?""How do you say hello in Chinese?"”How do you say ‘Thank you’/Good Morning/Nice to meet you în French/Italian/Deutch?”"How much protein is in an egg?""How many calories are in an apple?"“How much caffeine is in coffee?”“How much fiber is in broccoli?""What time is it in London?""What’s on my schedule today?""When is sunset?""What is the S&P 500 trading at?"“Split a $94 check three ways”“How many dollars is 45 euros?”“How are the reviews for House of Cards?”“What was the score of the Orioles game yesterday?”"How's the stock market doing today?""What’s the market capitalization of Apple?""Compare AAPL and the NASDAQ!"

Games and more

"Let’s play a game!""Tell me a joke!""What sound does a cow make?""Let’s play Lucky Trivia!""Sing Happy Birthday!""Tell me a fun fact!""Play Freeze Dance!""Read me a poem!"

Functionalities for:


Most of the above-mentioned equipments/devices can also be used for offices.

Siri, Google or Alexa can remind your appointments.

Schedule the next appointments!

Schedule or order taxi in real time.

At the same time, you can be aware of the city traffic at that time.

Connect with different Gadgets to information systems and data stored in Cloud.

Call and receive in real time texts and calls!

Check and send, in real-time, emails/messages with your voice (dictation and voice commands)!

Real-time control of all devices (owned by employees).

View, edit statistics and presentations in real time.

Send and receive (transfer) money in real time.

Discuss different topics with Siri, Google and Alexa (news, science, weather, jokes, appointments, locations, restaurants).

Integrate all your devices and information into a single application!

Location of employees, tools, cars and devices, in real time!

Presentation of activity, partnership, collaboration, negotiations - movie!

SMART Business in your SMART Home!

SMART Home with your Voice and your Phone/Tablet/Notebook!

Make your house SMART!

- SMART Things (IoT) -


Apple - ”Hey Siri!”

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Google - ”Hey Google!”

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Amazon - ”Alexa!”

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