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Subsequent to European environmental policy, sustainable development, greening and environmental protection programs, our society is actively contributing to create a "SMART" (clean, airy, healthy) environment for European citizens and beyond.

In this regard, our company provides consulting and services on the following components and areas of activity:

Waste management records services:

- monthly / yearly reports on waste generation and management -- waste management services: recyclable waste sale/purchase contracts, service contracts for the takeover of non-recyclable and/or hazardous waste; -

Submission of the technical documentation to the Environmental Protection Agency in order to obtain the Environmental Authorization:

- providing technical support throughout the authorization procedure until it is obtained -

Representing your company in relation to environmental authorities and drafting action plans following their visits.

Coordinating the work by implementing legislation in partner companies.

Recommending the best solutions for the recovery or disposal of waste.

Monthly information on legislative news in the field of environmental protection.

Legal support.

* EU waste Directive 2008/98/EC; EU Packaging waste Directive 2018/852.