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SMART Education for a SMART World

(by MMM Business Club)

Ways to attract domestic / foreign investors and to develop entrepreneurial culture

On the whole, the idea is to develop field of entrepreneurship by creating an online platform/application (a community-based database) dedicated to students/stakeholders to initiate, implement and develop business ideas, respectively to gradually develop a business plan (under the coordination of a teacher/mentor) and update it continuously (along the studies).

More specifically, creating a user account (from high school - where the student is presented with general ideas, basic in terms of entrepreneurship and its branches of application, so that he / she then develops a synthetic project on a business plan from a high- a certain field of activity), which can later be used in the university (when it is going to a particular specialization). The ideas are developed at a higher level (individual / collaborative), and at the end of the studies there will be the possibility to financing through specialized agencies (consultancy companies, public institutions - EU funds attraction, investors, banks, business environment). Basically, this can be a form of financial motivation, through annual awards for the best, innovative and efficient business plans - financing ideas at the end of studies.

Information technology and communications are priority sectors, contributing significantly to Romania's exports. What we are promoting is an application that offers the opportunity to develop the business environment and provide a SMART form of education to help facilitate exports, and a concrete way to attract domestic and foreign investors.

The project is dedicated to the younger generation and involves creating an online platform that encourages and motivates them to set up / develop their own businesses so that the collaboration between the business community (investors, consulting firms) and universities results financing the best business ideas, both by attracting European funds and attracting investment.

In order to be able to see the necessity and the opportunity of entering such a concept on the market, we chose to present a series of issues related to:

I. Issues at the societal level;

II. Resources available in different areas of activity;

III. Concepts / ideas motivating the young population;

IV. Solutions to meet the needs of the population, ie to solve existing problems at the company level through the resources already available;

V. Features of the online platform;

VI. Positive effects, benefits;


VIII. Deadlines and implementation perspectives, respectively implementation.

I. Existing societal problems: the lack of jobs; low wages; lack of funds for starting a business; independence, freedom and low vision among some young people; low interaction between students and the business environment; political / legislative instability; low predictability; formal education (theoretical - the student is not challenged to build something on his own), to the detriment of the practical one, which is sometimes deficient; the devaluation of diplomas (Anderson's Paradox); a loaded and sometimes ineffective educational system that requires solutions to be solved.

II. On the other hand, a number of resources (human, material, financial, etc.) are available at society level: More specifically, a human resource specialized in different fields of activity (mainly students / graduates of higher education institutions from different domains of activity), investors (foreign / native), consultancy firms on drafting EU fundraising projects, and business and management consulting companies.

III. Concepts / Ideas motivating young people (and not only) - business / business, entrepreneurship, freedom, independence in decisions, money / profit, cooperation / teamwork, results, competitiveness (Positive competition - in the value of the self. Motivating students to get involved in the project: annual awards for the best business plans; financing ideas from investors or through government / European funds (Start-Up) when finishing their studies in the field.

IV. Identifying solutions to meet the needs of the population and solving problems through existing resources: Creating an online platform to achieve the intermediation / link between what we have (specialized human resources - graduates) and problems (low number of jobs, different needs of the community) so as to identify solutions for solving them and satisfying their needs / motivations. Specification: Specifically, it is intended to create an online platform (a community-based database) devoted to students, through which to gradually develop a business plan and update it continuously (throughout the studies). Different teachers, consulting companies in the field of EU fundraising projects, management and business consulting companies, companies, officials of local public institutions and, in particular, investors, will be able to access this database.

V. Features of the online platform:

The student has to propose an objective and identify a business idea that he would like to develop according to his / her skills and competences.

Applicability: The project is characterized by (inter) / (multi) discipline as it can be applied in several fields of activity / education: economics, public administration, law, foreign languages, medical (dentistry, pharmacy, engineering, energy, management, business administration, etc.


1. offers the opportunity to develop ideas / projects individually or in collaboration with other colleagues (even from other universities / specializations);

2. connects the different components of society, which they value in their specificity: the civil environment, the environment academia, the environment of public institutions and the business environment (companies, investors, banks, etc.) in order to develop projects beneficial to the community / society they live in;

3. Ensure transposition from theory to practice, even through partnerships at the level of companies promoting IT solutions (for example) in business development;

4. offers the opportunity to socialize among people directly interested (MMM Business Club) and the development of ideas on several educational levels (exchange of experience) and the development of entrepreneurial spirit, respectively management on several levels of leadership. More precisely, in a large company there are departments that can be run by such persons (legal, IT, PR, economy, etc.) or even by creating and developing long-lasting quality relationships on subcontracting.

The individual / collaborative platform addresses:

a. on the one hand, high school students, students, even other people who want to implement or develop a business idea;

b. on the other hand, teachers, consultancy companies (for drawing up EU fundraising projects, business and management), certain civil servants in public institutions (community ideas); investors and, last but not least, the business environment. As far as addressability is concerned, it can be mentioned that the platform is useful both for rural (AgriBusiness and not only) and urban (all its components).

It is worth mentioning that a series of videos of entrepreneurial education for kindergartens and gymnasium (low level of complexity) can be included in the platform. As for the private area (university post), a partnership can be made even with the Startarium platform (depending on availability), where ideas can be further developed.

This platform can be built on the basis of the annual education plan, depending on the market needs of the business environment or public institutions.

Each user has different access to the app depending on the quality they own in the platform. The information written in the platform is confidential to the user until he / she wishes to publish the idea / project in a specific environment or in collaboration with other departments.

Thus, the application / platform will be structured on multilevel restricted access:

1. For high school area: a. Pupils; b. teachers (for initial project-themed control);

2. For the university area: a. Students (per educational area); b. teachers (for initial verification, test and project area / homework); c. specialized consultancy firms (after prior teacher supervision); d. Local / National Public Institutions (specially delegated - through public-private partnership) - for the community idea area (SMART Politics - SMART World - SMART City); e. investors (for direct investment in an idea - crowdfunding); f. Business environment / public institutions (specialization of students for different posts / requirements / needs, selection of staff for practice, attracting human resources, making partnerships on different components, proposal of projects).

Specification: Initial control of the projects / ideas is carried out by teachers, followed by the consultancy companies and, after the project has been developed, by the competent authorities / institutions.

VI. Positive effects / benefits: Trust offered to investors; new ideas for the community; job creation; student empowerment; Valuing student studies in several fields of activity (multidisciplinarity); motivating and challenging students; creating new businesses, ie developing the business environment; reviving the local economy; translating ideas and projects at regional / national / international level, implying the revival of the local / national / international economy - macroeconomics; economic stability / predictability - fundamental bases: national economic platforms; creation / support of local producers; internationalization; attracting investors; young people will be motivated to engage in public and local / national politics where they will come up with new ideas for their development. Through this platform, it is possible to combat Anderson's Paradox of devaluing diplomas, as well as integrating those who do not continue their studies in different activities.

Other related ideas from the project: 1. Translating microeconomic concepts at a macroeconomic level (transforming this idea into a national / international economic policy); 2. Collaboration between the business and the educational environment for the strict specialization of the students on needs (market needs); 3. Education - Matter (Entrepreneurship with Practical Applicability); 4. Focus on start-ups and domestic / foreign investment; 5. Technologicalization of all areas of society - globalization, but at the same time keeping the traditions ("Unity in diversity!"); 6. Business start-up according to the specificity of each locality / area; 7. Involving students / students in such projects that offer them the possibility of using them as CV experience or identifying internships.

ARE YOU COMING. Needs: Introducing entrepreneurship in all universities (in all specialties) and concrete / practical approach to such business ideas. Project financing. Involve the categories of people mentioned above.

VIII. Deadlines and implementation perspectives and implementation: We want to implement the pilot project from --.--.---- for a school year (by ----), and then make the necessary adjustments to could be used directly in collaboration with the Ministry of National Education.