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I. Real Estate Development projects

II. Interior and exterior design projects/ services/ specialized works

Complex interior and exterior design projects by integrating technologies into everybody's homes (SMART Home Technologies)

III. Architecture projects/services/specialized works

IV. Construction and building projects/services/specialized works

V. Services / Specialized works / Documentation in the field of cadastre, topography, geodesy and cartography:

1. documentation for the first registration in the integrated cadastre and land registry system;2. documentation for updating the cadastral information of the buildings registered in the cadastral and land register: a. Construction registration / de-registration; b. limit change; c. Surface modification; d. Update categories of use / destinations for part of the building; e. repositioning; f. identifying the part of the immovable property affected by the dismantling of the property right if these rights are constituted only on part of the building; g. Updating other property information.3. Documentation of the location of the real estate located on another ATU than the one in which it was registered in the Land Book.4. documentation drawn up for the assignment of the cadastral number, without registration in the land register;5. land clearing / landing documentation;6. first IU registration documentation;7. documentation for the apartment;8. documentation for UI subapplication / attachment;9. documentation for re-assignment;10. Documentation for the reconstitution of lost, destroyed or stolen landed books.11. Drawing up the necessary plans for the studies and projects in the field of construction, urbanism, spatial planning, delimitation of territorial administrative units.12. elaboration of the topographical documentation regarding the establishment and evaluation of the land belonging to the state-owned commercial companies, according to the law.13. execution of the measurements and technical works necessary for drawing up the documentation on the expropriation for public utility;14. Design and realization of fusion networks for specialized works.15. plotting and materialization of the boundaries of buildings and constructions.16. Performing systematic registration work.17. drawing up parcel plans;18. drawing up the documentation for removal or re-introduction of the land.19. the execution of the topographical works necessary for the possession of the owners provided by the land fund laws.

Specialized work will be carried out as soon as possible, respecting the standards, methodologies, norms, regulations and instructions developed by ANCPI.

Our area of ​​development is in the Mureş, Cluj and Bistriţa-Năsăud counties, but we do not exclude the carrying out of specialized works in other counties/countries.

Our partners have the necessary tools to meet the requirements imposed by the beneficiaries, in the most professional way possible.