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Business optimization according to national and international specificity (depending on the markets and targets).

Optimizing spending in different companies.

Technical solutions for business optimization.

Increasing export by creating production opportunities.

Strategy & Innovation.

Capital Attraction.

Corporate Governance.

Brand Identity.

Business Intelligence - technologies, applications and practices for collecting, integrating, analyzing and presenting information that can be used to make important business decisions or municipal decision makers, as well as protecting / controlling the organization in Business & Competitive Intelligence.

SMART functionalities for:


Most of the above-mentioned (SMART Home section) equipments/devices can also be used for offices.

Siri, Google or Alexa can remind your appointments.

Schedule the next appointments!

Schedule or order taxi in real time to go to the next meeting!

At the same time, you can be aware of the city traffic at that time!

Connect with different Gadgets to information systems and data stored in Cloud!

Call and receive in real time texts and calls!

Check and send, in real-time, emails/messages with your voice (dictation and voice commands)!

Real-time control of all devices (owned by employees).

View, edit statistics and presentations in real time.

Send and receive (transfer) money in real time.

Discuss different topics with Siri, Google and Alexa (news, science, weather, jokes, appointments, locations, restaurants, etc.).

Integrate all your devices and information into a single application!

Location of employees, tools, cars and devices, in real time!

Presentation of activity, partnerships, collaborations, negotiations - movie!

SMART Business in your SMART Home!

SMART Home with your Voice and your Phone/Tablet/Notebook!

Make your house SMART!

- SMART Things (IoT) -


Apple - ”Hey Siri!”

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Google - ”Hey Google!”

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Amazon - ”Alexa!”

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