About us

eMeMeM SMART Residence & MMM World Trade Company

(MMM Business Club)

- Be SMART! -

Phone: +4 0757 666 982 (+4 0757 MMM WTC). E-mail: office@mmmwtc.comWebsite: www.mmmwtc.com

Our company provides business and management consultancy at international level to find optimal solutions for business practices in various fields of activity.

On the whole, the company's story can be expressed through the logo, which is the combination of several features of social life.

First of all, it is important to note that this company is characterized by multi / interdisciplinarity, which can also be seen from its main object of activity, which addresses to several persons and fields of activity from the society (natural persons, legal persons and public institutions).

So, the logo consists 4 specific elements of the company (the lion, MMM, website and toothed wheel), which signifies the fields of origin and training, respectively the professional / educational development of the leading team!

Each element has a special significance:

1. The Lion (King of the Jungle) - Expresses power, ambition, courage, ferocity, perseverance, intelligence and leadership skills.

2. MMM - represents the initials of the name (Mircea-Mădălin MARIAN), and the style (in which it is written) expresses: naturalness; good taste; simplicity, but at the same time complexity; diplomacy; education; flexibility; mobility, and other characteristics of social sciences (communication, sociability, networking, etc.).

3. The logo site (www.MMMWTC.com) - expresses the technology, digitization, globalization, networking, informational era in which each of us are living (our company promotes that principles), but it is also a form of advertising for those interested (partners, future partners) to retain their name more easily.

4. Toothed wheel - represents the exact sciences (mathematics, computer science, physics, chemistry, etc.), more exactly a piece of a fine mechanism (or a whole system), which causes it to move (rotate) develop (or evolve) so as to produce energy or bring "added value" to a specific activity. The wheel, as a whole, may mean: a. At micro-community / business level, where each tooth of the wheel represents the persons in that area / activity (emphasis on human resource); b. at the macro level, for example the union of states (EU, USA, etc.), where each tooth of the wheel can mean the state itself. When we talk, both fine mechanisms and integrated systems, each one has to work perfectly, through perfect joints, to make the whole evolve (transposed into social life: collaborations, partnerships, unions, etc.).

What promotes our company is a life style (SMART Life), lifelong learning and development, education, evolution (professional, educational, financial, social, technological, digital) and other such positive aspects.


Trust, creativity, innovation, technology, digitization, honesty, mutual benefit, independence, interdisciplinary, confidentiality, flexibility and good taste.


Our company aims to:

  1. Develop economic relations between states by identifying collaborators throughout the world, including through services offered by the economic diplomacy of different countries.

  2. Attract foreign investors (Foreign Direct Investments - FDI) in Romania by offering consultancy for the following aspects of the Romanian market: (i) investment protection; (iii) job creation; (iv) identification of additional investment opportunities; (v) business development; (vi) brand identity; (vi) strategy & innovation; (vii) business optimization according to national and international specificity (depending on the markets and targets).

  3. Implement innovative solutions (new technologies) for the management of SMEs (small, medium) and large companies.

  4. Identify and capitalize on business opportunities from different markets (foreign and domestic), that serve various societal needs (e.g. economic, technological).

  5. Develop the concept of international business.

  6. Develop new technologies and promote them globally.

  7. Develop and implement IT solutions in various public and/or private fields of activity through public-private partnerships, e.g. develop the concept of "SMART City" at both national and international levels.

  8. Develop the concept of "SMART Home". We develop, distribute and install a range of technologies in residential and business habitats, i.e. wide implementation of IoT systems. These systems contribute to enhancing everyday life comfort by providing uninterrupted control over one’s home.

  9. Develop real estate projects, both in Romania and abroad, in collaboration with other companies.

What are we doing?

We offer:

1. Business & Management consultancy.

2. Personal Data Protection (GDPR) Consultancy.

3. Insurance consultancy (online insurances, damages, assessments, expertise - www.ConstatariDaune.ro).

4. Legal advice in international law on different areas of activity (bilateral and multilateral).

5. National / Regional / International security consultancy (promoting National / European / International security culture).

6. Involvement in supporting and developing financial and security education.

7. Achieving country profiles in terms of economic, technical, social, cultural elements.

8. Consultancy on financial education, Time&Money Management, promoting technical/informational tools, etc..

9. Consultancy in drafting projects to attract European funds.

10. Alternatives to diversify employee benefits.

How do we do?

1. Identify national/international (production, services, etc.) companies (small, medium or caliber companies) and promote them, through various means, at the international level or to sales outlets dedicated to the field in which they operate.

2. Identify ingenious / innovative solutions from different fields of activity, namely supporting and developing them by creating Start-Ups, to promote them nationally and internationally.


Individuals I Legal Entities (companies, SMEs) I Public Institutions

We are addressing graduates of higher education who want to set up, manage and develop a business from 0.

We address residents of other countries who come to Romania for business purposes, foreign investors, and other people who can support the company's business.

At the same time, we are addressing Romanian entrepreneurs who want to develop both nationally and internationally.

Start-Ups seeking advice on efficient business management, development at local, national, European and international level.

The company operates across national territory, on demand, as well as at European and international level.

Supporting entrepreneurs in their mission to ensure different market demands through quality.

We, with our partners and collaborators, develop projects in different fields of activity:

  1. SMART Business;

  2. SMART Management / Administration;

  3. SMART World;

  4. SMART Politics;

  5. SMART Environment;

  6. SMART City;

  7. SMART Home;

  8. SMART Finance;

  9. SMART Energy (Green Energy);

  10. SMART Agriculture (Agri Business);

  11. SMART Life;

  12. SMART Things / Car;

  13. SMART Education;

  14. SMART Construct & Design;

  15. MMM Business Club;

  16. eMeMeM SMART Residence.